Meet the sustainability motivators Ulf and Sara

Biathlon is a sport that is dependent on snow and we want future generations to also enjoy white winters and exciting competitions at our stadium. Ulf von Sydow and Sara Nordstrand are the two sustainability motivators within the WCH-organisation with the task to, as the title implies, inspire and motivate volunteers, employees and spectators to act sustainable.

What do you do as the sustainability motivators in the WCH-organisation?

Our role is to inspire and motivate the organisation, volunteers and visitors to think and act sustainable. Together we have also written a sustainability plan and policy.

What is the biggest challenge with reaching a sustainable WCH?

Climate change is the main challenge as is it directly affects our sport that is totally dependent on winters. Transport, food and energy are things that we focus on the most.  

What can visitors do to help contribute to a sustainable event? Give your 5 best tips.

  • Pick something out of our climate smart food options.
  • Bike, walk, take public transport and car pool to the stadium.
  • Recycle your garbage.
  • Do not print out your ticket, show it from your phone instead.
  • Tell the one your closest to at the stadium that the IBU World Championships Biathlon have high ambitions regarding sustainability and explain why it is important to you. Contribute by spreading knowledge and start discussions about the subject!

Is the WCH-organisation ISO-certified?

No, the WCH-organisation has chosen not to ISO-certify the event. We have chosen another path to create participation in all parts. The sustainability plan is however based on the standard of sustainability of events, ISO 20121.

How will the sustainability work be visible outwards?

Our sustainability plan and policy is available for everyone to read at our website. As a visitor, we hope that you will experience that the IBU World Championships Biathlon has succeeded to reach the high environmental ambitions.

What will be the after effects of the WCH?

The fact that we will also arrange more World Cups in Östersund, we work towards continuous improvements which means that the work we do for the WCH will be kind of the lowest level. As another after effect, we hope that we can show other organisers that it is possible to arrange a sustainable championship with good results. Lastly, we hope to inspire the International Biathlon Union, IBU, to require a bigger responsibility of future organisers of championships and World Cups regarding these questions. Without snow there is no sport, and that is why the environmental factor should be higher up on the agenda than it is today.