Stadsfesten illustration över Festplatsen

Stadsfesten – the WCH party continues downtown

It’s not only at the Swedish national biathlon arena it will be a festive spirit during March 2019. Also the central parts of Östersund will be filled with joy, fun and activities at the public festival, Stadsfesten. A large Belgian mirrortent, with room for 1500 persons, will be set up at the town square, Stortorget, and both the tent and other central parts of Östersund will be buzzing with activities and create the perfect both start and finish of an exciting competitionday. 

Organizing Stadsfesten is Storsjöyran, on the mission of Östersund municipality. Storsjöyran who are locally mostly known as one of Swedens oldest music festivals during summer are happy to take on the challenge to create a great winter party in March.

– The concept is mostly set. We want it to be an arena for the locals as well as our international guests. And we will take the chance to show everything we have to offer locally. The whole town will be included, that’s important, says Andrea Wiktorsson, Storsjöyran to Östersundsposten.

You will be able to find music, theater and art in different ways all around the central parts of Östersund. It will be a place to discover together, with the goal to create a wish to come back to Stadsfesten, the World Championships and Östersund. Just like the competitions and the ceremonies at Medal Plaza the town party Stadsfesten will be characterized by joy, excitement and festival spirit.

– Stadsfesten is an important part in furfilling our goal of creating a WCH for all, where even those not interested in the sport can feel proud and a part of the World Championships. It’s also the perfect link between the arena and the city, where one ends the other starts, says Patrik Jemteborn President OC Östersund.


Illustration: Nestorville