Lisa, Patrik Jemteborn a Marianne Tharaldsson vid VM i Hochfilzen 2017.

Meet marketing manager Lisa Engman

Sponsors, tickets, entertainment and marketing. There’s quite a bit that needs to be planned and working before it’s time for WCH 2019, one of those things being the World Cup premiere in Östersund in November and when it comes to marketing Lisa Engman is the one in control.

What does your role as marketing manager in the World Cup- and WCH organisation include?

My role is to promote the WC and WCH and make sure that we have a good communication and marketing around our events. We want our events to be seen and heard and to attract visitors. Our goal is to have around 15 000 visitors during the World Cups and around 120 000 at the WCH.

It’s already less then a 100 days left until the World Cup premiere, what are you working with right now? 

At the moment my main focus is to communicate and market the WC. Get the dates out and get people interested and start buying tickets. We also work with refining our VIP-concept and with building a public village with a lot of fun activities. At the same time there’s both sale, communication and marketing planning and preparation for WCH.

What do you enjoy most with your job as marketing manager?

It’s always something happening and I get to work with fun and inspiring colleagues. To work with and get to experience these events every year is great fun.

Do you have any especially nice memory from previous seasons? 

Our last WCH 2008 is a great memory. I was volunteer manager at the time and it ended up being a much more festive event then we thought was possible. There was so much people showing up at the races, it was a very lovely sight!

It’s soon time for another WCH but before that we have the World Cup around the corner. Why do you think one should go to Östersund and experience the races live? 

Because it’s so much more fun and thrilling to experience it live. The atmosphere on the stands is amazing and there’s a lot to do at the stadium as well as downtown Östersund before, between and after the races. It’s a festive atmosphere that you can’t get in front of the TV at home!


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