To Östersund

Östersund is located in the middle of Sweden and Scandinavia with the Biathlon Arena just 15 minutes away from the airport, train station and the city center where the main bus center is. There’s good connections by train and bus and also multiple airlines that traffic Östersund daily. Below we have gathered information that will help you find the best option for your trip to the World Championships. Packages are available here.

» Åre Östersund Airport is located 15 minutes by car from Östersund city center. Read more at the airports website swedavia.com or at the different airlines websites:
sas.se (Stockholm Arlanda)
norwegian.com (Stockholm Arlanda Thursdays & Sundays)
flygbra.se (Stockholm Bromma)
direktflyg.com (Umeå)
easyjet.com (Copenhagen Saturdays, Bristol Sundays, Gatwick Sundays & Thursdays)

» Trondheim Airport/Vaernes is about 230 kilometers from Östersund and the Biathlon Arena. They have several direct flights to and from bigger cities in Europe and from the airport you can easily go by train or car to Östersund in about 3 hours. Read more at Avinor.no

Travel comfortable and sustainable by train to Östersund. There are several companies that operate to Östersund from many different locations around Sweden.
» Find and book your trip with SJ via the link in the widget to the right/at the bottom for 10% off.

» Train package & Ordinary trips with Tågkompaniet Norrtåg

» Ordinary trips with Snälltåget & Snötåget

» Search among all trains here.

» Region:
Härjedalingen – harjedalingen.se (Regional traffic to and from Härjedalen)
Länstrafiken – ltr.se (Regional bus traffic in Jämtland Härjedalen)
Stadsbussarna – nettbuss.se (Buses within Östersund)

» Stockholm:
FlixBus – flixbus.se

» If you need a taxi from the airport, the train station or the hotel contact taxiostersund.se
Taxi Östersund can also assist with travel service for disabled, read more on the disabled information-site here.

To the Stadium

The National Biathlon Arena in Sweden is located 2 kilometres from Östersund city center and you can get there by foot, bike, bus, car or why not take the SJ mini-train to the stadium?

Walk or bike
» Take the marked walkway to the stadium, about 30 minutes walk from the city center. The path starts at the City Hall and connects the stadium with Medal Plaza where all ceremonies will be held.
» Free Shuttle City center – Stadium
Additional WCH-buses will operate from Östersund city center to the stadium, adapted to the competition program. These buses will be free if you have a WCH ticket or an accreditation. More details about the exact route and stations will come.

» Search your own bus trip
If you live outside of the city center, you can search for the best bus trip on the website of Länstrafiken – ltr.se. Time schedules and routes for all city buses you find at nettbuss.se.

SJ Mini-Train
» From Östersund city center you can get on the SJ Mini-Train that will take you up to the stadium or down to the Afterparty after the competitions! The train will operate from the Main Square > Rådhusgatan > Fältjägargränd > Litsvägen > Stadium with stations at the Main Square, Fältjägargränd and the Stadium.
» Parking will be available close to the stadium but it is limited and we therefore ask all of those who have the possibility to leave their car at home to instead walk, bike, take the bus or the SJ Mini Train to the stadium. Additional buses, adapted to the competition schedule, will operate between Östersund city center and the stadium. Map of the parking locations will be published here shortly.