Tickets will be released March 7th 2018

Take part of the nail-biting drama on the shooting range from the stands or get a pole-thrust away from the biathletes and enjoy the atmosphere in our track areas. No matter where you decide to take part of the competitions we ensure you a great experience.

Click on the map to see our different ticket sections as well as price for the different sections. Dogs are only allowed in the track areas, you can find more useful information before your visit here.

Biljettpriser områden

Tickets will be released March 7th 2018. But it can be good to ensure your accommodation before, for more information about accommodation email vmlogi@visitostersund.se

Track areas

Grillsvängen – Only a short bit from the stands you find Grillsvängen, a track area perfect for the kids. You will get close to the athletes and while hearing the echo from the shooting range you can follow the shooting from the big screen. For the kids there will be plenty of activities here and when you get hungry there’s several warm food options to chose from.

Solsidan* –  A bit further up you find Solsidan, the perfect spot if you want close contact with the biathletes. Cheer for them as they pass, follow the shooting on the big screen and enjoy the view over the stadium, lake and mountains. Simpler food will be for sale and with a nice sandwich in hand a sunny day of Swedens fifth season, spring/vinter, it’s hard to find a better spot than Solsidan!

Granrisbacken* – In one of the longer hills, furthest away from the stadium, you’ll find Granrisbacken. Here you get a close look of the tactic and experience the thrill when the best biathletes gives that little extra in order to pass the rest. This is where your cheering really will matter for the athletes while they work their way to the intermediate, chasing seconds.

* The Single Mix Relay March 14th visitors with Weekly Pass 2 with track area Solsidan or Granrisbacken will get access to Grillsvängen. 

Special tickets 

Ticket terms and conditions

Tickets may not be returned or refunded once purchased. Lost tickets will not be replaced. If the date of an event is moved, the ticket is instead valid on the new date of the event. If an event is cancelled due to reasons over which the organiser has no control (Force Majeure), the ticket will not be replaced or refunded.