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Biathlontrain from Sundsvall, 950 SEK

Stay in Sundsvall and take the train to the competitions!
During the weekends there will be daily trains from Sundsvall C to Östersund Västra and back, adjusted after the competition times and with no stops along the way. On both ways there will be coffee and a sandwich. Ticket to Grand Stand A, lower is included in the price. Book your ticket to the Biathlontrain by clicking on the day of your choice below, then choose “Tågpaket m. A-läktare Nedre…”.

Saturday 9 March – Sprint men 16:30
Departure Sundsvall C 11:10 – Departure Östersund Västra 19:45

Sunday 10 March – Pursuit women 13:45, Pursuit men 16:30
Departure Sundsvall C 08:55 – Departure Östersund Västra 19:15

Saturday 16 March – Relay women 13:15, Relay men 16:30
Departure Sundsvall C 08:25 – Departure Östersund Västra 19:45

Sunday 17 March – Mass start women 13:15, Mass start men 16:00
Departure Sundsvall C 08:25 – Departure Östersund Västra 19:15