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Colabitoil: Towards a fossil-free World Championships Biathlon 2019

An agreement was signed between Biathlon Events AB (BEAB) and Colabitoil in early July, covering sponsorship and the supply of renewable HVO diesel, to enable a fossil-free 2019 IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund: Colabitoil Official Supplier/Sustainable Partner.

Colabitoil will be the Official Supplier and sponsor of BEAB, which is responsible for the 2019 IBU World Championships Biathlon. Colabitoil will supply BEAB, its suppliers, partners and volunteers with renewable fuel from the date of the agreement and for a year thereafter, primarily HVO100 diesel. Colabitoil is thus further prioritising its presence in Jämtland and Härjedalen.

– As we are establishing new filling stations and making existing ones open to the public, we are placing greater focus on small business and private customers. With HVO100 in the tank, everyone can help to contribute to a sustainable society. Combining new vehicles with diesel engines and HVO100 reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and particles, which is of extra importance for the event and destination industries, says Daniel Arenholm from Colabitoil.

Colabitoil allows BEAB to guarantee the supply of HVO100 and to gain a partner with a great presence in the region. Colabitoil will help to measure the climate impact of the partnership. HVO is well-established among bus and freight companies, as well as in machinery.

– We are proud to continue the environmental tradition of the 2008 Biathlon World Championships, which was the first one to gain environmental certification. We are proud of our cooperation with Colabitoil as the supplier of HVO, which is an important element in delivering a fossil-free World Championships. This means we will be able to offer our suppliers, visitors and sponsors the opportunity to fill up on fossil-free fuel. Our environmental vision is that a visit to the 2019 IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund will produce a smaller environmental footprint than if you had stayed at home for the day! We want future generations to also be able to enjoy the winter and fantastic competitions at the biathlon stadium. It should be easy to do the right thing, which it is with HVO. Existing vehicle fleets will be fossil-free when they next fill the tank, says Patrik Jemteborn, managing director of BEAB.